A basic MC Definition
WHAT A BROTHERHOOD MOTORCYCLE CLUB IS (and is not):  This may take some time to read. So be it. Take the time to read it, as it may save you some time in the future.

Prior to joining a Motorcycle club like the USMVMC, it is imperative that one understands the philosophy of the traditional motorcycle club (MC), how it is organized, and what to expect from membership in one. Each MC has many things in common with others, but each is still distinct in its overall philosophy. Even chapters within the same national organization, while subject to the bylaws of that particular club, adopt their own policies and procedures and develop their own collective personalities. This is not surprising, given the fiercely independent nature of most motorcycle riders.

If Motorcycle riding is a significant part of your lifestyle, it is natural that you would look at organizations that center their existence around motorcycles, riding, and associated activities. There are however, many types of motorcycle organizations. Being correctly informed can lead you to the correct type and specific group that is right for you. Within the motorcycling community are subcultures that if entered into recklessly or with the wrong intention, can prove to be detrimental to both the group and the individual. 

Regardless of what type of club a rider is affiliated with, we are all part of the motorcycle community. Members of the general public do not understand the distinction between MCs, MAs, and RCs. In view of this, most organizations tend to expect that their members act so as to bring favorable credit upon the motorcycling community in general. Further, almost all organizations expect of their members a certain level of respect towards all other organizations and their members. The USMVMC is no different. 

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